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Why Voice-Over Matters for Business Growth

small carton boxes on laptop with blank screen, e-commerce concept

Give your company the image it deserves

The most important way that professional voice-over messaging affects your business is how it changes the impression that your callers get when doing business with you. You put a great deal of thought, time, and money into the quality of your products or services. Your phone system’s personality should not be overlooked. This demonstrates why you should hire a voice-over business. A compelling message attracts prospects, builds trust, and aids in the sales conversion process.

Your phone system, like the rest of your branding, should be of the same high quality and attention to detail. A well-scripted, high-quality voice-over will be an effective tool, especially during the initial interactions with potential customers.

They add depth and character to the story

When you hire professional voice talent, you can rest assured that your audio is in good hands. This is because high-quality voice-overs can inject personality and character into your business, giving it a new depth. Wonderful voices convey both enlightenment and complexity in a way that only a trained voice can. They’ll have your audience deciphering every word and increasing brand awareness. 

Many well-known actors and celebrities end up in the voice over realm because of their recognized voices. The impact of a celebrity or influencer is very clear within social and mainstream media. Genuine, trustworthy voices or even celebrity impressions can still make a big impact on your brand or message without you having to spend a fortune.  Check out this guy Fiverr profile for example: over 400 celebrity impressions with thousands of ads read from all over the world. 

As an entrepreneur, you’re busy and could probably use a hand. Check out other Fiverr entrepreneurs and freelancers that can help you button up your business, without breaking the bank!  


Gives a sense of expectation among customers

Call flow design can properly manage customer expectations for every department of your organization, much as an excellent website is structured to initiate specific visitor behaviors or a brick-and-mortar retail store is laid out to enhance the sales of specific items. Customers are more likely to make a purchase and rate their experience with your customer service department as excellent when you provide them with the information they need as quickly as possible. Voice-over plays a significant part. Analyze your customer groups and the different touchpoints they have with your company over their whole customer lifecycle to make this happen. What types of people or groups call your company? Are they potential buyers looking for information about your product? Are they your competitor’s customers evaluating your products or services? Are they repeat clients who demand further service information? What information are they looking for, and what problems do they require you to resolve? You can build your voice-over script and call flow around the categories you need to include in your call flow once you’ve analyzed them. Because you know your brand better than others, the menu options are entirely up to you. The goal is to assess the numerous funnels into which incoming calls fall and create your system to allow their quick conversion into the hands of the right people.

Help your customers recognize your Brand

Every business wants its message to stick in the minds of its listeners. You need them to recognize your brand and identify it with who you are and what you stand for—and this is where voice-overs will play an important role. Voice-overs with distinct voices and excellent performances can add a level of attractiveness to your company that makes it instantly recognizable. Your expanding company needs a professional voice-over in order to shine bright amongst those large companies who use annoying artificial intelligence that dehumanize the whole process of communication.


Let’s be honest here, I’m guessing every single one of you has been frustrated with a bot on the other end of a telephone system. Why can’t you reach an actual person when you spend so much money on a product or service? The good news is, even though AI technology is getting better at mimicking the human voice, many companies realize that the human tone is just more powerful and relatable. Try having a voice bot sing, convey a happy tone, or do a funny celebrity impression to make your customers even more attentive to your message! Real voice messaging is becoming even more preferred over texts or emails. Imagine having a company have an impressionist send a Matthew McConaughey sounding message telling you that “your car is fixed and ready for pick up…alright alright alright!”
Robot on phone

Tip: When choosing a voice-over artist, keep in mind that you may need someone who can work for a long time and in the future to ensure consistency. You know what to expect when you pull up to a Chick-fil-A, so why shouldn't your customers know what to expect with your business?

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