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With an International Business Degree, I set my sights on building a business that would span across the globe and entertain, persuade, and educate the masses.  

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Voiceover Portfolio

Animations Reel

Voice Actor Guy has been heard by millions and has increased traffic substantially for many clients. Animations are fun, friendly, and can be less distracting than other media. They can illustrate your point with no limitations on voice or visuals!

Radio Ads Reel

Radio ads are still going strong, especially for localizing information. Why not make them more fun! Sometimes having the owner of a company who may not know how to read or write a script well can be a huge turnoff, I know I’ve changed the channel on off-putting ads, which doesn’t seem to be very beneficial to the business or radio station. 

Television Ads Reel

Television ads are provocative, and can give you a sense of “missing out” on something you would love to have or even need in your life.  

Audio Streaming Service Ads Reel

Audio streaming is HUGE now. Audiobooks, live performances, podcasts and advertisements, are all having a new and more realistic viewpoint that creates a sense of community. 

Real Estate Tours Reel

Video Game Characters Reel

Video games and apps are not going away any time soon. In fact, they’ve gained a broader customer range of younger and older users. Whether your sharpening your brain with an educational app or getting your mind blown by an exciting video game, let the VoiceActorGuy have fun with your character…he love’s doing these. 

Social Media Ads are more prevalent now than ever before. Billions of people worldwide can connect to your message in a more direct and focussed way via Social Media. Make yours powerful!

Celebrity Impressions Reel

Voice Actor Guy can add a familiar voice of over 100 celebrities to choose from. People connect strongly to their “heroes” and are more willing to listen to a recognizable voice, over one they’ve never heard before. Matthew McConaughey seems to be a fan favorite!

Voicemail or On Hold Messaging Reel

Voice messages are a great way to add flare to your customers’ experience when they call your business. Add music, a celebrity impression, or a fun and informative message. Keep your customers updated with new products or services, or tell them about an upcoming deal!

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