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Voice actors bring crisp narrations to any product, service or video. If you want to bring life to your project and command an audience, use a professional voice actor. Projects may include, but are not limited to Corporate Videos, TV, Radio, Virtual Real Estate, Tutorials, Animations, Video Games,  Voice Messages and more. 

This question varies greatly depending on the length of video, where it will be published and what type of voice you are looking for.  For example, if you are looking for a celebrity impression (Matthew McConaughey) to read a special message for a friend or read an audiobook then there will be an extra charge. 

A typical turnaround time will be around 2-3 days, although if you need it quicker we can apply an extra charge to make it happen!

Absolutely–we guarantee our work and strive for 100% satisfaction. To insure that there is no need for multiple revisions, please be as direct and descriptive as possible. Examples and pronunciation guides are a huge help.

If you aren’t the decision maker on the final product, I would advise knowing the following: 

  • Know what type of voice you are looking for (smooth, professional, comedic, accent, etc.)
  • Have a completed script unless you would like one made for you
  • Any specific directions or specifications
  • What will it be used for (TV, Radio, Social Media, Personal, etc)
  • Any relevant information such as a sample clip you can share, or drawing of a character
  • What length or how many words you would like read
Once you have the information above, complete our contact form to submit your project. 

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Marketing With Voiceovers

Advantages to Your Business

According to a study by Washington University, adults are more likely to remember words when spoken by a familiar voice. (Yonon and Sommers, 2000). That can mean two things, use a celebrity voice or celebrity impression, and use it multiple times to build familiarity with your brand. Additionally, scientists from Boston University and UCLA have shown that combining both visual and auditory information in a message will produce a quicker learning of visual information. This will enable your audience to learn about your products or services at a faster pace than just reading the content. 

How to Order
For Custom Orders Not available in Shop

plan ahead icon

Step 1: Plan Ahead

What type of voice:
Smooth, professional, comedic, upbeat, accent etc
Have a script Y/N:
If you don't we can help, let us know how many words.
Length of recording:
Time matters for cost and words within your recording
What are you using it for:
TV, Radio, Social Media, etc.
Relavant info:
Please share any direction, examples, or hard to pronounce words.

submittal form

Step 2: Complete Submittal Form

Data Confirmation:
Once you've confirmed the important information from step one with the decision maker (if applicable), complete the form located on the Contact Page or use the Submit Your Project link below. You will have the opportunity to upload any additional specifications or additional files to share with
Voice Actor Guy.

payment options icon

Step 3: payment

Two choices for partnership: based on payment options and or country of origin.
1: Direct Contact with Voice Actor Guy which allows for any major credit cards, Venmo, PayPal, or Business Check.
2: Fiverr Pofile (must have or create an account) which allows for any major credit card, debit card, PayPal, Apply Pay, Google Pay, Wire Transfer, iDeal, GiroPay, Soft, Boleto, OXXO. Additional charges may apply. Use the following link: https://www.fiverr.com/voiceactorguy

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