Pick-1 Phone System (IVR) Message (Pro or Celebrity Impression Voice-Over)

example: Matthew McConaughey or smooth, American male, southern draw, etc.
example: MP3, Hz, Kbps
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Have your business stand out from the start! Voice-overs with distinct voices and excellent performances can add a level of attractiveness to your company that makes it instantly recognizable. Your company needs a professional voice-over to shine bright amongst those large companies that use annoying artificial intelligence that dehumanize the whole communication process. We have seven different phone messages to choose from. In this package, please choose one for your telephone system needs. Voice Actor Guy will provide you with a high-quality recording with either a professional male voice or a celebrity impression of your choice.(Feel free to use the contact form or chatbot to ensure Voice Actor Guy can impersonate your celebrity of choice.)

1) Welcome voice mail message (introduce the customer to the business and let them know that someone will be with them shortly).
2) On-hold message (this a great time to promote a product or service, and not just have terrible elevator music annoy your customers).
3) Directory message (list of which person or department they are looking for; make sure to have pronunciations for us).
4) After hours message (direct them to the website, let them know something new, or simply explain your hours of operation, prompt them to leave a message, and then let them know you will be back with them ASAP).
5) Out of office message (holiday messages can be fun, explain why you’re not working and when you’ll be back, maybe throw in that you’re working on a new product).
6) Follow up message (explain with a human voice that your customers’ product or service is ready, thank them for their business, have them rate their experience or whatever message you need to convey).
7) Promotional message (send your customers a special offer for being awesome).

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Celebrity Impression or Professional American Male Voice

Celebrity Impression, Professional American Male Voice